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Yanmar engines go further and they work harder, year after year. Yanmar diesel engines are renowned for their rugged reliability. Engines Series >>
Yanmar is found at the top of the list of choices of designers ,shipyards and operators worldwide. Yanmar insists on making its own components, from drive train to FIE (Fuel Injection Equipment). Engines Series >>
All Yanmar Saildrives feature the patented double-seal safety technology with audio warning device. These are lightweight, compact diesels with SD20 or SD50 drives.
Engines Series >>

Installation Q & A

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If I would like to change my present engine for a Yanmar engine, whom should I contact for recommendation and quotation?

For a good technical and financial advice, we strongly recommend you to contact your local Yanmar dealer. Please consult a distributor or dealers in your country, you can find them on the overview on this website.

I am a boat architect and would like to have drawings of your engines. Where can I get them and in what format?

Your distributor is more than willing to help you. Because this is in many times a very tailor-made question, we advice you to discuss this first with him. Look at the overview of distributors and dealers for a distributor near you.

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